Son of a family with a long tradition as printers, Claude MORIN was born on 30. April 1946 in Sarrebourg in Lorraine.
At an early age he developed a pronounced taste for the graphic Arts, and a real gift for painting and sculpture.
With the encouragement of his family, he entered the School of Decorative Arts then the School of fine Art.
His palette of shimmering colours and pure tones has appealed to a number of collectors, and his work is exhibited around the world.
His makes his first aluminium sculpture for Georges Pompidou President.
In 1986, e founded his workshop and gallery in Saint Paul de Vence, in the mountains inland from Nice…

Claude MORIN, obtained many rewards and distinctions in France and around the worlds, in particular :

The Gold Medal of the city of New York, the Gold Medal and the title of Academician of the Academia Italia, the Artistic Prize of the Metz National Academy, Laureate’s Prize of European Foundation, The Gold Medal of the city of Sarrebourg, Award a Medal to Academy vermeil of Fine Art of Provence Côte d’azur, The Gold Medal of the city of Aix in Provence, Award a Medal to Academy vermeil of Fine Art of Provence Côte d’azur, The Gold Medal of the city of Aix in Provence.

Some Exhibitions

Biennale de Sao Paulo – Brésil , Waldorf Astoria – New York, Galerie de l’Ancienne Douane – Strasbourg, Palais des Congrès – Genève, Salon d’automne – Paris, Demeure des Comtes de Champagne – Reims, Galerie des Peintres – Miami, Presbytère du Château d’Ansouis, Château des Rohans – Saverne, Artexpo New York et Miami, Lavoir Vasserot Saint Tropez, Galerie Intercontinentale – Montréal – Canada, Galerie Ror Volmar – Paris, Pralong – Courchevel, Hôtel Martinez – Cannes, Lineart Gent – Belgique, Galerie A. Chevalley Montreux – Suisse, Bibliothèque Sarrebourg, Euro Art Barcelone – Espagne, Galerie Rodin Knokke – Belgique, Rétrospective vingt de création «  L’Eternel Féminin «  Pasino Aix en Provence……

Private Collections

France, Suisse, U.S.A., Italie, Japon, Grande – Bretagne, Belgique, Allemagne,
Mexique, Norvège, Suède, Afrique, Luxembourg, Chine, Brésil, Australie, Canada, Espagne, Pays – Bas, Finlande……


“ Claude MORIN has chosen Woman to express himself.
Flower-like women, with complexions tinted like fine fruits, chaste and pure, who invite us to “take ship for Cythere”.
Women, ever and always Women : he never ceases to perceive them as lovelie each day than the last. Each day is a new metamorphosis, each day a new perception.
With a truc style of his own, Claude Morin is a painter-sculptor to day, of these times. He is a man determined to be free, independent “…

“ An Artist condemned to drive mirages out of their hiding places ? The tortured creator, to seek attention ? Poet of the invisible ?
Hesitation is quite natural, Exactly allowed.
Yet I shooed it away the day a host of discreet events opened my eyes to the truth of Claude MORIN, the painter and sculptor of what is real.
The choice must be made. Claude MORIN will hymn the beauty of the world “…